Tyler Dickey

Tyler Dickey is a 22 year old husband, audio production student, and founder of Worship Innovation. Tyler was born and in McCurtain County Oklahoma and now lives in Norman, Oklahoma. Tyler studied 3 years at Randall University in Moore Oklahoma and is now pursuing an Audio Production bachelors at Full-Sail University. Tyler has a heart and a passion for bringing up the next generation of Church Sound Technicians. Tyler enjoys anything that has to do with audio. It is not uncommon to see him walking down the street with his headphones on recording random samples in the neighborhood. Tyler is also a student of Krav Maga and will often times argue with Josh about the benefits of Krav Maga vs Crossfit.


Josh Sloan

Josh Sloan graduated from Randall University in Moore, Oklahoma in December of 2017 with a Worship and Music Studies Degree. Josh grew up in the house of a Pastor/Church Planter and fell in love with ministry through ministering with his family. His love of music stemmed from watching and be under his mom’s worship leadership. He was called into worship ministry at the age of fifteen which led him to attend Randall when he graduated High School. After his time at Randall he joined his father at his church being his Worship and Youth Pastor at the Bixby Free Will Baptist Church in Bixby, Oklahoma. He joined the staff of Calvary FWB in October of 2018 as the Worship Pastor. Josh is a part of the Crossfit Cult and will probably bring it up at least once if you ever have a conversation with him. He enjoys reading, playing video games, playing his guitars, long walks on the beach, and shopping for skinny jeans.